Introdction: What exactly is Bing Ads?

This is a quick introduction to Bing Ads, but the main focus of this article is about hiring a Bing Ads freelancer. Bing Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform run by Microsoft. Bing Ads incorporates both search ads and display ads, this means that ads can be shown when users search on Microsoft Bing or Ads can be displayed on the Microsoft Display network. Bing Ads partners with some of the biggest names on the internet, such as Yahoo,, and many others.

Who uses Bing instead of Google?

Microsoft Bing is used by a diverse group of users and is the default search engine for many Microsoft products. The main types of Bing users are:

  • Microsoft Users: Bing is the default search engine on windows, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Office, including Outlook and also XBox.
  • Older Users: Many older users are more familiar with the Bing search engine because they use it on their desktops.
Hiring a Bing Ads Freelancer Search Results

Advantages of hiring a Bing Ads Freelancer

Expertise in Bing Ads platform and advertising strategies

An experienced Bing Ads freelancer is able to design and implement projects with the ability to adapt them to the specific nuances of the Bing platform.

Although it is possible to directly import a campaign from Google Ads into Bing (Link out to video about importing a campaign from Google Ads to Bing), this is not always advisable. For example, Bing Ads works very differently with mobile phones, and it is usually advisable to make specific changes in order to optimise a Bing account.

Bing Ads Certified Professional

Whether you are new to Bing Ads or are currently running Ads campaigns but feel that they could be more profitable, get in touch with me for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION

What a Bing Ads Freelancer should offer

Cost-effective solution for small to medium businesses

No contract, no social security costs, and no need to pay for expensive tools such as SEM Rush or Spyfu. A professional Bing Ads consultant will have all the necessary tools to be able to carry out effective keyword research and implement a profitable campaign.

Flexibility in terms of project scope and duration

When you hire a PPC consultant in-house, they normally have a contract, but when hiring a Bing Ads freelancer, you can hire them for a specific project and specify that duration. For example, a real estate business may launch a 6-month campaign with the specific objective of increasing its mailing list. A freelancer will save you both time and money.

Ability to provide a fresh perspective on advertising campaigns

Maybe you are already running a Bing Ads campaign, but it is not as successful as your Google Ads campaign, a fresh perspective from a qualified Bing Ads freelancer can help you to work out why your campaign isn’t working and what can be done to improve it. Contact me today For a free consultation and find out more about my tailor-made plans for improving your Bing Ads results.

Whether you are new to Bing Ads or are currently running Ads campaigns but feel that they could be more profitable, get in touch with me for a FREE NO-OBLIGATION CONSULTATION

How I can help your business

I am a fully qualified and certified Microsoft Advertising professional.  Hiring a bing ads freelancer is a big decision and one that involves a great deal of trust. I look towards a long-term profitable relationship with my clients and so apart from a free no-obligation consultation, I also offer a 1-month trial period and no fixed contract. Contact me today to find out more about hiring me as your Bing Ads consultant.

1. Free no-obligation consultation

Apart from offering an initial free no-obligation consultation, the first month is free. I do this because as we will be having a “long-distance” business relationship, I believe that that relationship should be built on trust. I look to have a long and profitable relationship with my clients.

Bing Ads Certified Professional
Freelance PPC Consultant

2. I practice what I preach

When I am prospecting for new clients, I always use Bing Ads because I am able to target my audience who are primarily business owners and are likely to be searching for my services on a work computer. If you haven’t been referred to me, or you haven’t found me on a Google natural search, then you have probably arrived at my site via Bing (Even if you didn’t know it!!!)


Hiring a freelance Bing Ads consultant can provide your business with the expertise and flexibility needed to effectively advertise on the Bing Ads platform and see a measurable return on investment.

Where do you work?

I specialize in generating lead generation campaigns on Bing Ads and Google Ads and I work in the United Kingdom, Spain (in English and/or Spanish), and worldwide. I use Google Meet, Zoom, Email and WhatsApp as my primary means of contact and am always available to talk to my clients.

Are you qualified?

Yes, I am a certified Microsoft Advertising professional. You can find out more about my qualifications here.

I have another question

Please feel free to drop me a line at or use my contact form.