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What is a landing page and why do I need one?

A landing page is any page that a user arrives at when they have clicked either on a Google Ad or on a search result.

On the right you can see the three steps that make up a search.

1. The user searches for something. In this case “english speaking insurance company”.

2. As the company in question is using Google Ads. Their advert appears within the top 4 results on the first page of Google. The user clicks on the Ad and..

3. Arrives at the page designated by the advertiser (so NOT chosen by Google)

As we can see from this we have a lot more control when we use Google Ads because we can control the destination page that the user arrives at. This is important because in natural search the user is often sent to the home-page and then has to see information that is not particularly relevant to what they were looking for. So imagine another scenario for the insurance company.

1. The user searches specifically for “home insurance”

2. The company shows an Ad specifically about “home insurance”

3. The user arrives at a page which ONLY offers home insurance and it’s benefits.


Step 1: Search on Google

Step 2: Click on an Ad at the top of the page

Step 3: Arrive at the page the advertiser has chosen

What are the characteristics of a great landing page?

This is where are great landing page designer can help

A great landing page needs to have the following characteristics. But first and foremost when the page loads, you have 4 seconds (yes this has been studied by Google) to convey 3 things.

1. What you are offering (is it the same as what the user was looking for)

2. What is the BENEFIT for me e.g Free consultation

3. What do I have to do now? e.g fill in a form to get the business to call back

Your landing page needs to:

Load in under 3 seconds on mobile

Grab the users attention in under 4 seconds

Include social proof i.e Google Reviews

Include clear CTA's* throughout the page

Have clean and concise text

Have great visual information

*CTA – Call To Action. For example a button that says FREE CONSULTATION and when yoy click on it a pop-up form appears.

Landing page example

A great landing page designer can…

A landing page designer can work with you to decide on what type of landing page you really need. The first step is to evaluate your current site and see hwther or not it is possible to adapt any of your current pages. Maybe you just need to add a few call to action buttons or maybe you need to add a form at the top of the page.

If however you need to start from scratch then the first thing that i do is analyze your business and as a Google Ads consultant who has worked for one of the leading search engines both as an Ads evaluator and also as a landing page evaluator I know what works.

I will create a fast resposnsive landing page that works perfectly with your Google Ads campaign. I have a proven track record of implementing successfull Google Ads campaigns along with landing pages (both built independently and within WordPress). 

I offer a completely FREE LANDING PAGE CONSULTATION- I will look at your landing page and offer you my epert advice with no obligation to purchase my services. Just click here and fill in the form and I will get back to you.


Landing page designer

Final thoughts

While this page is not strictly a landing page, it does have many of the qualities. If you look at the top of the page you will see exactly what I offer, the benefits and also the form that you can fill in.

This page also has social proof as you can see a slider with many of my current clients (both Spanish and English). This page also loads in under 3 seconds and hopefully looks great on your mobile (however colour and layout is always subjective!!!!!)