Client: Frozen Juice Spain

The Background

I was hired by Frozen Juice Spain, a leading Spanish NFC Juice manufacturer, to help them improve the global reach of their products.

Frozen Juice Spain is a company based in Murcia in the south of Spain, that has been looking to increase its share of the export market. As this is a global business, they need to reach potential customers from around the world.

Some of the main products they supply are:

  • NFC Orange Juice
  • NFC Lemon Juice
  • NFC Mandarin Juice
  • Berry products
  • Summer fruits
Global Exporters

The Research

As the NFC juice sector is a highly competitive one with a high Cost Per Click, it was necessary to carry out extensive keyword research for both positive and negative keywords.

As search terms like orange juice and lemon juice have a very high search volume, it was necessary to make sure that Ads only appeared for relevant search terms.

It was also necessary to carry out extensive competitor research to make sure that they were indeed competing only with suppliers of NFC Juice. As the world is a big place, it was also necessary to study keyword impression volume for different parts of the world and also study different Cost Per Clicks in order to make sure that the budget was spent as effectively as possible.

The Landing Page

Before implementing the campaign, it was necessary to create separate landing pages. The objective was to make sure that users who clicked on the Ads were taken to exactly the right page, thus increasing our quality score and reducing the cost per click.

The campaign

In order to make sure that the campaign was as effective as possible, we set up different campaigns which were specifically targeting different parts of the world.

This would allow us to increase or decrease the budget where necessary for different countries. A strategy which was extremely effective.


As with all PPC campaigns, it was necessary to pay special attention to the keyword-matching strategy. It was also important to carry out regular filtering, search term filtering in a PPC campaign is very important, it means going through all the search terms that have been used to trigger Ads and deciding whether they should be added as positive search terms or whether to add them to the negative search terms list.

I am happy to say that Frozen Juice Spain keeps going from strength to strength.